Sifting through the Sh*t

For the last 9 years I have more often than not been elbow deep in someone’s litter box. I have used all kinds of apparatuses from what looks like someone’s spatula to thousand dollar mechanical litter geniuses that do my job for me. Then when decided to share my life with a cat of my own 4 long years ago, I wondered, what was the best litter scoop out there?

Then at someone’s house in someone’s back closet, or maybe it was beside a toilet, I used the best litter scoop ever, the Litter-lifter. I still don’t understand why the other plastic competitors add cross bars to their scoops but they’re just adding more headache. I have carpal tunnel issues so sitting their trying to shake off 2 pounds of litter from a 4 pound scoop with my wrist wasn’t fun. The litter-lifter allows one scoop and your done. No more shaking litter outside the box or making a crazy mess.

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