How to save money at Active Paws

Did you know there are ways to cut down your bill with Active Paws? We like to help you save money and keep your pets happy at the same time. The following is a list of our current and ongoing promotions.

Referral Program

If you are pleased with our service and would like to tell other people about us, please do! When the person or people you refer sign a contract with Active Paws, you have your choice of one of the following: 1) One free day of your most expensive dog walking service; 2) Half a day of our dog pet sitting service for free, or; 3) One free day of cat sitting service (for cat clients).

You must have the people or person that signs up with us put your name down in the “How did you hear about Active Paws” section of our new client questionnaire. On the back of our business card is a place for you to write your name and give the card to your friend, this should help them to remember.

Frequent Buyer Programs

Many of our quality pet foods have their own frequent buyer programs. Here is a list of the current promotions we support in the store:

  1. Acana and Orijen. Both offer buy 12 bags, get one free. The free item has to match the least expensive item purchased. To enroll in this program, ask us for the frequent buyer card. Fill out the front, and we keep the card in the store so you don’t forget it when you come to buy your food.
  2. Blue Buffalo. Blue offers a buy 10 bags, get one free program. The free bag must be the same size bag or case as what you usually buy. We also keep the Blue frequent buyer cards at the store.
  3. Earthborn. Earthborn offers buy 10 bags, get one free. The free bag will be the same size as the most frequently purchased bag. Earthborn frequent buyer cards are also kept at the store.
  4. Fromm. Fromm offers buy 12 bags, get one free. The free bag will be the same size as the most frequently purchased bag. With the Fromm frequent buyer program, we give you the envelope to keep at home. Fromm requires that the UPCs from the bags be cut out and stored inside the envelope until you have 12, which is why we can’t keep the Fromm frequent buyer envelopes at the store, since you open the bags at home! Please remember to fill out the purchase dates on the envelope. Once you have collected all 12 UPCs, bring the envelope (with your customer information filled out) to the store to redeem your free bag!
  5. Primal. Primal offers buy 10 items, get $5 off on your next purchase. We keep the Primal cards in the store. Fill out a card, and we will mark the card with the date stamp on the frozen product and stamp it.

To participate in the frequent buyer programs, you must physically come into our store. We do offer free delivery to clients, but this is in place of our normal delivery charge. Food delivered to your home will not be included in the frequent buyer programs.

We also offer 10% off of all canned foods in a purchase when you buy 12 or more 12 ounce or larger cans, or 24 3 ounce or 5.5 / 6 ounce cans.

We also offer free frisbees on Fridays! That’s right, stop in to our store and ask us for a free Active Paws frisbee.