A Minor Celebrity is Moving In

So anyone that has come to the store has seen that a high quality liquor store is going in next door, focusing on wines and beer. Gerry, the owner who also owns the Washington Square Tavern in Brookline will be bringing in his astute knowledge of these greater goods to our neighborhood. He has also mentioned farmers markets in the Spring/Summer as Gerry sources most of his foods from local farmers. –

What Gerry has also brought to the neighborhood is his good friend Bruno, his 2 year old English Bulldog pal. Bruno is a nice guy, no better way to put it but certainly has his say, as most Bully’s do. We’ve met Bruno a bunch of times when Gerry drops by to update us on the progress but it will be nice to have him with him at work just a door down.

Bruno and his Dad Gerry

Now, why did I call him a minor celebrity, well Bruno has a thespian side to him that most could never conceive. Part of his review reads, “the performer in question proved to be a bit moody and unpredictable on opening night at the Davis Square Theatre. He even went so far as to leave the stage and sprawl under a seat, from whence he wouldn’t return until he was offered a treat”.

That’s right, Bruno performs in a play at the Somerville Theater. So in just a few days, we’re hoping tomorrow actually, Beaver Brook Bottles will open its doors. It will be a breath of fresh air to the neighborhood to have the vino flowing and Bruno available for a paw print or pint 🙂

Bruno on one of his visits

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