Did you know it runs in the family?

About six years ago Active Paws experienced a boom that we weren’t quite staffed to handle. Who better than to jump in and grab some leashes than a family member? Gerard’s brother Mark came to help out for 2 wonderful weeks that summer seemingly so long ago.

Since that summer Mark has never looked back, lets just say it was puppy love. He gave up his restaurant management position and started The Pooped Pooch. But Mark’s help didn’t stop there. While he was growing his own dynamite pet care business he still contributed to the growth and success of Active Paws. We added grooming services on Mark’s suggestion, which worked out so well that we out grew our basement! Only problem was we couldn’t afford a building yet but be certain that will return. Mark has also been instrumental in advising but the best idea he ever had was getting our own dog park.

The Pooped Pooch and Active Paws are two of the only pet care services in the Boston Metro area that have their very own privately owned and fenced dog parks. Tired of the day to day dealings with the dangers of public parks, not to mention the unscrupulous blame that is placed upon dog walkers, Mark came up with this brilliant idea.

We look forward to growing and sharing ideas with each other for many more years. If for any reason you would dare move out of the Waltham, Watertown, Belmont area and head East to Boston Proper, then at the very least stay in the family.

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