Pawtastic Up Coming Events

If we had a bigger store you know Active Paws would be hosting a myriad of rescue events but we are restricted to our tiny location. Don’t worry, plans are in the works to expand but until then, besides hosting events, our favorite charitable past time is to attend them.

Active Paws will be making their rounds at these up coming events. Please feel free to meet up with us or even just find us to say hello. Our very own founding dog Tank will be making his first public event debut in his Eddie’s Wheels cart! He’s got a great license plate and loves to say hello to friends. We will do our best to have baby wipes ready, he’s a very kissy boy ūüôā Hope to see some of you at all or some of these wonderful fall events.

Active Paws will have a booth at The Boxer Rescue‘s Boxer Bash this Sunday September 30th at the Hopkinton State Park from 12-5

Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter 9th Annual Harvest Fest Saturday October 6th at the Attleboro Animal Shelter from 10-3


Buddy Dog Humane Society’s Woofstock Saturday October 14th at the Hudson Elks Pavilion from 11-4¬†

Special Events

Come join in all the fun, bring your well behaved pups, support local rescues and vendors.

Tire Tracks and Paw Prints on My Heart

In the early Spring of 2010 an incredible little Sato dog and his remarkable owner literally rolled into my life. Baxter and Tracey Goodwin proudly came into my pet supply store and it was on that day that my journey in the animal community took a miraculous turn. A turn that would open my heart, my mind and my soul to sharing one’s life with a cart dog.

I am a person that firmly believes things happen for a reason. It had been barely a month since my own 7 year old Boxer Dozer was diagnosed with a paralyzing disease called degenerative myelopathy. I knew Baxter and Tracey entered our world for a reason but I never knew until now how much they would mean to me, an entire community and to many internationally. Continue reading

Sifting through the Sh*t

For the last 9 years I have more often than not been elbow deep in someone’s litter box. I have used all kinds of apparatuses from what looks like someone’s spatula to thousand dollar mechanical litter geniuses that do my job for me. Then when decided to share my life with a cat of my own 4 long years ago, I wondered, what was the best litter scoop out there?

Then at someone’s house in someone’s back closet, or maybe it was beside a toilet, I used the best litter scoop ever, the Litter-lifter. I still don’t understand why the other plastic competitors add cross bars to their scoops but they’re just adding more headache. I have carpal tunnel issues so sitting their trying to shake off 2 pounds of litter from a 4 pound scoop with my wrist wasn’t fun. The litter-lifter allows one scoop and your done. No more shaking litter outside the box or making a crazy mess.

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Introducing: Pounds for Pups!

The opening paragraph of a Paws 2 Care Coalition blog states, “Canine obesity is one of the fastest growing health problems seen in dogs today. As with people, obesity can lead to a variety of diseases, disorders and other complications in dogs. In a 2008 study, the¬†Association for Pet Obesity Prevention¬†estimated that 44% of U.S. dogs were overweight or obese.”

That was in 2008…4 years ago. I can assure you from the pups waddling into our store, that number has not gone down. For those of you that have been with Active Paws over the years you know that I am nothing short of passionate about your pooch’s weight. While I struggle with my own food demons, the¬†svelte¬†waistline of my own dogs and those that I care for, comes first.

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